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Emerald Home Butter

For Long Malnutrition has been a predominant problem hovering over Malawi. With high poverty rates malnutrition is still yet to be checked. Tadala Mseche who has been a groundnut farmer for over 3 years, is a patriot who has worked tirelessly to find solutions that will heal the country of the prevailing malnutrition.Tadala had the idea to own a food processing factory that will produce nutritious assorted items and sold at affordable prices for ease of accessibility.

Tadala Mseche’s idea of overcoming malnutrition landed her into the BUSINESS ACCELARATION FOR YOUTH (BA4Y), a program implemented by ALLIANCE BIOVERSITY AND CIAT with funding from USAID.

She received training by the SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (SMEDI) on how to operate an environmentally friendly business, conducting market research, pricing and formalization of her business. With small strides, she has started producing peanut butter that is being supplied within her residential area. The training motivated her passion, Tadala Mseche now has a marketing media platform, and she registered her business and has a spike in her sales with a number of pending deals for her delicious peanut butter.


Emerald Home Butter an advocate for healthier and better Malawi.

Emerald Home Butter: Thanzi Peanut Butter.

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