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The Remarkable Rise of Chisomo Chimkondinji: A Historic Academy Success Story.

In the heart of Malawi, amidst the bustling community of Mangochi, a tale of resilience, determination, and the transformative power of seizing opportunities unfolds—a tale woven by the remarkable Chisomo Chimkondinji.


Imagine a modest preschool, its humble beginnings marked by the shade of a veranda, where just three eager kids thirsted for knowledge. This was Chisomo's humble venture in November 2022. By the end of that academic year, her school, Historic Academy, had blossomed to accommodate fifteen bright students, prompting a relocation beneath the sprawling branches of a sturdy tree.


However, growth brought its own set of challenges. Despite the increasing number of students, profitability remained elusive. It was a pivotal moment when Chisomo stumbled upon the BA4Y project—a beacon of hope amidst uncertainty. With determination and a stroke of luck, she secured her spot in the program, even hiring extra help to ensure she could fully immerse herself in the invaluable training it offered.

The BA4Y project proved to be a catalyst for change, igniting a fire within Chisomo's entrepreneurial spirit. Armed with newfound knowledge in business fundamentals, from crafting comprehensive business plans to mastering the art of marketing, Chisomo began to see her dreams take shape. Gone were the days of struggling to trace profits; instead, she learned the art of reinvestment, fueling the growth of her fledgling enterprise.


The turning point came with a stroke of fortune—a grant worth 4.2 million Malawi Kwacha, courtesy of the BA4Y project. This windfall propelled Chisomo's ambitions to new heights. With unwavering determination, she poured her heart and soul into expanding Historic Academy, culminating in the completion of a state-of-the-art three-classroom block by January 2024.


The impact was immediate and profound. Enrollments surged, with parents entrusting their children's education to Chisomo's care, buoyed by the newfound sense of security offered by the modern facilities. As the student body swelled to seventy-two, so too did the profits, soaring to unprecedented heights of nearly MK200,000 per month—all thanks to the transformative power of the BA4Y project.


Yet, for Chisomo, success is not merely measured in monetary terms. It's about empowering others and paving the way for a brighter future. With unwavering resolve, she sets her sights on her next ambitious goal: the establishment of a primary school, a beacon of hope in the fight against illiteracy.


But perhaps her most profound legacy lies in her words of encouragement to fellow youths, especially girls—urging them to seize control of their destinies and embrace the transformative power of entrepreneurship. For in the tale of Chisomo Chimkondinji, they find not just a story of success, but a testament to the boundless potential that lies within each and every one of us, catalyzed by the guiding light of the BA4Y project.

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