SMEDI stands for Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute. It’s a public institution established by the government of Malawi under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism to champion the development of micro, small and medium enterprises in Malawi.

SMEDI does the following services:

  1. Offers entrepreneurship and business management trainings to individual MSMEs and MSMEs groups
  2. It Offers training of trainers in Entrepreneurship and Business Management to business service providers, individuals and MSMEs groupings
  3. Facilitates linkages of MSMEs to markets and financiers
  4. Facilitates linkages of the MSMEs to business registration
  5. Facilitates linkages of the MSMEs to Standards and certification

The cost of these services depend on the nature of the services and circumstances of offering the services.  For a full structure of the applicable charges kindly talk to our team of dedicated and welcoming staff across all regions in Malawi.


Every Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises doing their business in Malawi. Business service providers working with MSMEs or any organizations working with MSMEs that may need such services.


You can find SMEDI Head Office at Amina House, along the Paul Kagame Highway, just opposite Chipuku Plus in Lilongwe. You can also visit the central region Office in Area 9 …….In the southern region we are in first floor of Hayat Complex, near Kips in Blantyre. If you are in the Northern region visit us at SMEDI House, formerly SELDOM house in the first floor. Our welcoming members of staff in all these strategic place will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need. 


Contact us

Area 4, Amina House, West Wing
Private Bag 393
Lilongwe 3
Central Region

Tel: (+265) 1 774 522
Fax: (+265) 1 773 230
Email: info@smedi.org.mw
Web: http://www.smedi.org.mw


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